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WAI Site Potential New & Revised Content and Illustrations

Version: 2004.08.12
Note: This Web page is a working draft and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances.

on this page:

Components of Web accessibility illustration

Standards harmonization illustration

purpose & use:

misc thoughts:

WCAG1.0 Priorities & Section 508 illustration

purpose and use:

version 2:

@@ or @@

W3C Recommendation Track Process

OLD example from old process:


WCAG1.0 Techniques illustration

Business case illustration

purpose & use:

misc thoughts:

Web page with things labelled

WCAG2.0 Principles illustration (LOW priority)

WCAG1.0 Priorities illustration (LOW priority)

Table of new pages and notable revisions [old version]

page priority effort notes tbd
home page
(major revision)
required redesign & rewrite content
intro & navigation pages
required e.g., probably replace http://www.w3.org/WAI/Resources/ and add maybe 1-5 of them
  • intro to web accessibility - includes "components" [listed below]
  • nav pages to resources? guidelines & techniques? etc.
  • intro pages for WCAG [maybe same as listed below], UAAG, ATAG, [maybe technologies], WAI groups
  • About WAI is an "intro page" [listed below]
Introduction to Web Accessibility
high high illustrated one page overview. (not sure how relates to illustrations above and to Getting Started page?)
getting started page
high medium probably munge with Intro Web Accessibility. redesign to be more user-task-based rather than document-based. include more specific direction.
Components of Web Accessibility

probably within Intro to Web Accessibility. page with textual explanation to go along with Components illustration above

(wish list interactive graphic showing authoring tools, user agents, assistive technologies, content developers users,... and probably link to the guidelines)

"cover page"s for /TR/ docs
high? medium-high we can't change or add anything to the "TR" pages, which are the guidelines, techniques, and such. cover pages would provide WAI site navigation and basic introduction before dumping users into the technical docs. might also help w/ searching issues
QuickTips page
(major revision)
high? medium change this to also be an interactive intro for Web content accessibility, e.g., link each item to the appropriate details in WCAG
About WAI page

restructure & rewrite to be more user-task-centric and less organization centric
dependency: will require heavy input from Judy

Using WCAG 1.0, Checklist, Techniques
medium page with textual explanation to go along with WCAG illustration above
Intro page to online overview slide show
medium easy
little approval
(mostly moving content from the first slides explaining how to use it to a "regular" web page and including easy download instructions (probably just link to all.htm)
(revise interface to)

@@move out of this list, EOWG deliverable@@

especially the examples
not sure how this falls under WSTF versus curriculum interface design...

overall FAQ
medium high @@move out of this list, EOWG deliverable@@

mostly pulling from other docs; however, likely to need lots of review and approval

[Why Web Accessibility ? or Benefits of ? or ?]
( new)

page with textual explanation to go along with Components illustration above

(wish list graphic showing three carrots & a stick, labeled & linking to pages in Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility resource suite and Policies relating to Web accessibility)


See also: Features matrix which includes things such as search

Retiring Pages

Document Information

@@ to do: check acronym tags, HTML & access check & validation

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