WAI Coordination Group Charter

The mission of the WAI Coordination Group (WAI CG), part of the WAI International Program Office Activity, is to coordinate among all WAI groups, and between WAI groups and other W3C groups as needed. This mission facilitates the work of all Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) groups within the WAI Technical Activity and the WAI International Program Office Activity.

End date 30 June 2013
Confidentiality Proceedings are Member-only
Initial Chairs Judy Brewer
Initial Team Contacts
(FTE %: 5)
Shadi Abou-Zahra
Usual Meeting Schedule Teleconferences: Approximately every other week
Face-to-face: No face-to-face meetings


The scope of WAI CG work includes:

Consistent with W3C Process requirements on Task Forces, the WAI CG may form task forces composed of WAI CG participants or join other W3C task forces to carry out assignments when under the chartered scope of the WAI CG. WAI CG task forces must have a work statement approved by the WAI CG, announced on the WAI CG mailing list, and available from the WAI CG home page. Task forces may hold separate teleconferences and meetings per the W3C process and with the approval of the WAI CG.


No Deliverables.


The initial set of coordinated groups is listed here; any changes to this list will be documented on the WAI Coordination Group home page.

  1. Protocols & Formats Review Working Group (PFWG)
  2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG)
  3. User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG)
  4. Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG)
  5. Evaluation & Repair Tools Working Group (ERT WG)
  6. Education & Outreach Working Group (EOWG)
  7. Research & Development Working Group (RDWG)
  8. WAI Interest Group (WAI IG)


Participation includes Chairs, Co-chairs, and Team Contacts of WAI groups.

WAI CG participants are expected to attend meetings every other week or send regrets; to send an update on their group before each WAI CG call; and to remain current on reading the WAI CG mailing list.

The current list of participants is on the WAI Coordination Group home page.


This group primarily conducts its work on the Member-only mailing list w3c-wai-cg@w3.org (archive).

Information about the group (deliverables, participants, teleconferences, etc.) is available from the member-confidential WAI Coordination Group home page.

Communication with the public is through the wai-xtech mailing list, and the WAI CG public page.

Decision Policy

As explained in the Process Document (section 3.3), this group will seek to make decisions when there is consensus. When the Chair puts a question and observes dissent, after due consideration of different opinions, the Chair should record a decision (possibly after a formal vote) and any objections, and move on.

Patent Disclosures

W3C reminds Coordination Group participants of their obligation to comply with patent disclosure obligations as set out in Section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy. While the Coordination Group does not produce Recommendation-track documents, when Coordination Group participants review Recommendation-track specifications from Working Groups, the patent disclosure obligations do apply.

About this Charter

This charter for the WAI Coordination Group has been created according to section 6.3 of the Process Document. In the event of a conflict between this document or the provisions of any charter and the W3C Process, the W3C Process shall take precedence.

The WAI CG was originally chartered in August 1998, and re-chartered in September 2000, and in 2004. The previous charter is available. There are no significant differences between this and the previous charter.

Author: Judy Brewer

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