ISSUE-85: B.2.4.4 “Storing for Reuse” is ahead of its time

B.2.4.4 “Storing for Reuse” is ahead of its time

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Reed Shaffner
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B.2.4.4 Save for Reuse: Authors can store, for future reuse, both of the following author-assigned equivalent alternatives (as applicable):
o (a) Text Alternatives: plain text text alternatives that the authoring tool stores directly (e.g., alternative text labels, long text descriptions), and
o (b) Other Alternatives: referenced synchronized alternatives or accessible alternatives to synchronized media that the authoring tool stores meta-contently (e.g., as URIs to external resources) (e.g., captions for video, sign language interpretation videos).
 [RS1]This seems ahead of its time to do correctly….We need to be careful not to alienate people because we ask for things that are just technically infeasible today.  While certainly possible going forward this is going to be really hard.
 [JR2]Well the Aprompt checker/repair tool was already doing this 5 years ago.
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