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ACTION-279 (edit) open Investigate some of the Rationale tools for implementations Sueann Nichols 2010-05-03
ACTION-280 (edit) open Look at examples in Making Your iPhone Application Accessible Jan Richards 2010-05-03
ACTION-287 (edit) open Come up with plan for confirming answers to implementation report Jan Richards 2010-07-26
ACTION-308 (edit) open Write a response to comment JM1 Alastair Campbell 2010-11-08
ACTION-315 (edit) open Start the cross walk document Jan Richards 2010-12-27
ACTION-324 (edit) open Look into other national standards links Alastair Campbell 2011-03-07
ACTION-326 (edit) open Update proposal at Jan Richards 2011-03-21
ACTION-332 (edit) open Update the response for OC7 to take into acount Alex's comment Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-341 (edit) open Acknowledge that dynamic content does provide a challenge to determining a "status" Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-342 (edit) open Look into implementations of alt-text association saving (B.2.3.4 Save for Reuse) Alex Li 2011-06-13
ACTION-343 (edit) open Look up what was decided about prominence and apply it to UAWG6 Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-346 (edit) open Propose conditional on inaccessible potential Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-348 (edit) open Attempt to propose text taking into account context of inaccessible examples and testing practicality. Jan Richards 2011-06-20
ACTION-350 (edit) open Propose rewordings of "author can" that instead use variants of "authoring tool includes a mechanism to" Jan Richards 2011-07-25
ACTION-360 (edit) open Review the conformance section and propose and issues for a survey. Jan Richards 2011-10-31
ACTION-361 (edit) open Work with ALL to send in conformance use cases related to the multi-tool issue Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-362 (edit) open Model what it looks like to move 3rd-party dpendency out of conformance claim and into the SCs (checking and repair) - so that compliance statemtn is simpler Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-364 (edit) open Draft a Note 3 to clarify A.3.1.1 Keyboard Access (Minimum) for keyboard-less devices Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-365 (edit) open Build table of Accessible Information (WCAG) Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-366 (edit) open Produce a proposal around "A363 The authoring tool respects changes in platform display and control settings unless they conflict with the display and control settings of the authoring tool chosen by the author." Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-367 (edit) open Propose "A.4.2.2 Document All Features: The authoring tool includes documentation for user interface features that are available to authors." Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-368 (edit) open Remove ":" in B.2.2.2 Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-369 (edit) open Betterformulate Jan Richards 2011-11-14
ACTION-370 (edit) open Propose something for A.4.2.1 that includes user interactive features and a note on platform conventions being documented elesewhere Jan Richards 2012-01-16
ACTION-371 (edit) open Find a place to slot in making user settings usable in intent, examples Jan Richards 2012-01-23
ACTION-372 (edit) open Create proposal for B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations around handling copy-paste Jan Richards 2012-01-30
ACTION-373 (edit) open Add note to clarify " I assume this would not cover keyboard commands based on the parent software? e.g. browser based keyboard controls would not need to be customized, only tool-specific controls." Jan Richards 2012-03-12
ACTION-378 (edit) open Write a note re: to A.1.1.1 that is explicit that browser accessibility will play a role in the accessibility of web-based user agents, and therefore UAAG will be relevant when choosing the browser on which to deploy. Jan Richards 2012-06-18
ACTION-379 (edit) open Take response to IBM3 back to reviewer.\ Sueann Nichols 2012-06-18
ACTION-380 (edit) open Add some examples to In-Market User Agent proposal Jan Richards 2012-06-25
ACTION-381 (edit) open Write note re: If the tool does auto-correct during the session, the alt needs to be flagged as auto-generated. Jan Richards 2012-07-02
ACTION-382 (edit) open Suggest combination of B.4.1.3 Feature Availability Information and B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations (WCAG) Jan Richards 2012-07-30
ACTION-383 (edit) open Write an email to the list with changes to tests agreed today Jan Richards 2013-01-14
ACTION-385 (edit) open Update the implementation report Jan Richards 2013-03-25
ACTION-387 (edit) open Will look at Moodle to see if it meets B.1.1.1 Jeanne F Spellman 2013-04-15
ACTION-388 (edit) open Check on the possible new flag in HTML for content that is automatically generated. Jeanne F Spellman 2013-04-15
ACTION-390 (edit) open Prepare platform accessibility service test procedure for windows 7. Tom Babinszki 2014-02-17
ACTION-391 (edit) open Send jan the implementation examples that were discovered at csun (e.g. wordpress labelling accessibility of templates) Jeanne F Spellman 2014-04-07
ACTION-392 (edit) open Write a short para introducing how to meet wcag2 Jan Richards 2014-06-09
ACTION-393 (edit) open Research the difference between the two tests in a.3.6.1 Jan Richards 2014-11-06
ACTION-394 (edit) open Fix typo in in A.3.2.3 -- "accespt" Jeanne F Spellman 2015-03-11

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