ISSUE-73: A.4.3.7 Note 2: Needs to be generalized to cover more undo merge actions

A.4.3.7 Note 2: Needs to be generalized to cover more undo merge actions

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Reed Shaffner
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Level AAA Success Criteria for Guideline A.4.3
A.4.3.7 Multiple Undos (user interface "chrome", content display): Authors can reverse at least 5 consecutive reversible actions.
Note 1: Web-based authoring tool user interface functionality may rely on the "undo" function of the user agent listed in the conformance profile to perform the undo function for some editing actions that do not involve server communication (e.g., typing in a text area).
Note 2: It is acceptable to collect text entry actions (e.g., typed words, a series of backspaces) into a single reversible authoring action.
 [RS1]I would generalize this a bit, since software does a bit more undo merging than that to optimize the user experience.  Imagine nudging a shape with the keyboard arrows.  You’d want each key press small move to be merged.
JS: It is not clear whether these notes are general for A.4.3 or specific to A.4.3.7
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