ISSUE-66: A.3.7.2 How can Previews meet Part A?

A.3.7.2 How can Previews meet Part A?

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Reed Shaffner
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A.3.7.2 Preview (user interface "chrome", content display): If a preview is provided, then it meets at least one of the following:
o (a) Existing User Agent: the preview makes use of an existing user agent that is specified in the conformance profile (e.g., opening the content in a third-party browser or browser component),
o (b) Part A: the preview meets all of the Level A guidelines in Part A of these guidelines, or
o (c) UAAG: the preview conforms to a version of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines [UAAG].
RS:I’m not familiar with UAAG, but how can the preview meet guidelines for UserInterfaces (which are in Part A)……
JR: UAAG is devoted entirely to making browsers accessible to their users. Part A of ATAG is analogous since it covers making authoring tools accessible to their users (i.e. authors).
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