ISSUE-63: A.3.6.1 Don't think this is necessary – all tools do it

A.3.6.1 Don't think this is necessary – all tools do it

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Reed Shaffner
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A.3.6.1 Save Settings (user interface "chrome"): Preference settings are stored for any of the following that the authoring tool controls (i.e., not controlled by the platform):
o (a) keyboard operability settings,
o (b) visual display settings, and
o (c) audio display settings.

 [RS1]I’m confused by this.  What type of application allows the user to set a preference but then throws it out without storing it?  This may be trivial unless I am not understanding something. 
 [JR2]It’s just what you say…it’s already widely implemented, but would impact accessibility if it were not
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