ISSUE-53: A.3.1.5 Forward and backward do not apply to 2D UI

A.3.1.5 Forward and backward do not apply to 2D UI

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Reed Shaffner
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A.3.1.5 "Chrome" Navigation (user interface "chrome"): Authors can use the keyboard to traverse forwards/backwards all of the components, including those in floating toolbars, panels, etc. using conventions of the platform (e.g., via "tab", "shift-tab", "ctrl-tab", "ctrl-shift-tab"). [UAAG 2.0]
RS: It’s interesting to play devil’s advocate here, I would posit that forward/backwards is not always defined. Take, for instance, two dimensional UI.
JR: Yeah or even just if two sources lead to the same target…going back leads to the question which target?
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