ISSUE-41: A.2.2.5 Why sign language

A.2.2.5 Why sign language

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Jeanne F Spellman
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• A.2.2.5 Sign Language (user interface "chrome"): If prerecorded audio is present in the user interface "chrome", then sign language interpretation is provided. [WCAG 2.0

RS: I don't see the value add here. Why are going beyond captions? Also, how should the sign language be added? Does someone need to do audio to sign recognition? This is a good vision but would seem to block anyone from AAA conformance today.

JR: We followed WCAG 2.0's lead on this and there are clearly defined deaf user groups would benefit from a Tutorial video having sign language interpretation.
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Jeanne F Spellman, 1 Aug 2008, 19:32:56

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