ISSUE-36: A.1.3 need to clarify this use of "platform"

A.1.3 need to clarify this use of "platform"

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Reed Shaffner
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Guideline A.1.3 [For the authoring tool user interface] Follow the accessibility conventions of the platform

RS: Need to clarify the difference between this platform and the platform defined for programmatic access in A.1.2. That said, in support of this principle, a guideline discussing how to support OS level settings, for example, seems out of place. It's a little unclear to me what we are getting at here.

Rationale: Following platform accessibility conventions lessens the need for assistive technologies to make special-purpose accommodations. Also, people who are familiar with the accessibility conventions employed by a specific platform will find applications that adhere to those conventions easier to use.
RS: If the purpose of this is to talk about leveraging OS level setting and such, then this statement is not needed.
ASIDE: It seems like this may be redefining stuff which has already be adequately defined in other standards docs.
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JR: I'm open to other ways of saying "do these things in ways that are conventional for your platform so that assistive technologies for your platform can understand what's going on."

Jeanne F Spellman, 25 Jul 2008, 17:17:21

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