ISSUE-109: B.3.1.1 needs a different example

B.3.1.1 needs a different example

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Jeanne F Spellman
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B.3.1.1 At Least as Prominent: If authors are provided with a choice of authoring actions to achieve the same mainstream rendered outcome, then actions that implement accessible authoring practices are at least as prominent as the other action(s) (e.g., text can be made bold with either style sheets or presentational markup).
JS: We should not be forcing people to the glossary in parenthetical text that is intended to make the SC easier to understand. Either make it “text can be made bold with either style sheets or <em></em>” or “in a list of available navigational widgets, the widgets that conform to WAI-ARIA have equal prominence with AJAX widgets that do not make the name, state and role available to assistive technologies.”
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Better example was written. Satisfied.

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 00:17:32

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