ISSUE-107: B.2.2.9 Seems to contradict the following note

B.2.2.9 Seems to contradict the following note

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Jeanne F Spellman
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B.2.2.9 Seems to contradict the following note
B.2.2.9 Check "AAA" Accessibility: An individual check is associated with each level "AAA" Web content accessibility benchmark.
Note: While automated checking or more advanced implementations of semi-automated checking may improve the authoring experience, these are not required to meet the success criteria for this guideline.
Applicability Note: This guideline does not apply if the authoring tool controls the authoring process to an extent that it is not possible for authors to introduce accessibility problems.

JS: 1. The Note seems to contradict.
2. We need to make it clear if the notes apply to the Guideline or the SC above.

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Jeanne F Spellman, 1 Aug 2008, 19:37:01

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