ARIA Task Forces

The ARIA Working Group conducts some of its work via the following task forces. See each task force page for details about specific work and how to join.

WAI-ARIA User Agent Implementation Task Force

The publicly visible User Agent Implementation Task Force is a joint task force of the ARIA WG and the Web Platform Working Group. The objective of UAI TF is to develop guidelines for interoperable user agent implementation of the WAI-ARIA specification.

Teleconferences are Tuesdays at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Boston time. The IRC channel is channel #aapi.

SVG Accessibility Task Force

The SVG Accessibility Task Force is a joint task force of the ARIA WG and the SVG Working Group. It will identify the accessibility requirements and manage the progress of accessibility solutions in SVG2, while expanding participation and fostering collaboration among experts in SVG and Web Accessibility as a means to meet the requirements and goals of each group and to increase mutual understanding.

Teleconferences are Fridays at 9:00 am to 10:00 am Boston time. The IRC channel is channel #svg-a11y.

Digital Publishing ARIA Task Force

The Digital Publishing Accessibility Task Force is a joint task force of the ARIA WG and the Digital Publishing Interest Group. It will compare existing vocabularies, including IDPF's EPUB Structural Semantic Vocabulary and ARIA Roles to create a recommended list of digital publishing terms allowing for clear interaction with assistive technologies, easy reusability. and native validation.

CSS Accessibility Task Force

The CSS Accessibility Task Force is a joint task force of the ARIA WG, the Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group, and the Cascading Style Sheets Working Group. It will focus effort on identifying accessibility problems that can be created by use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and to develop solutions.

Personalization Task Force

The Personalization Task Force will refine the Personalization Semantics specification, in consultation with the ARIA Working Group. The task force provides a focused forum for this work while the Working Group continues its work on ARIA development. Personalization Semantics was listed in the ARIA charter as "User Context" but was renamed as work progressed.

ARIA Authoring Practices Task Force

The ARIA Authoring Practices task force to develop WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices, which describes considerations that might not be evident to most authors from the WAI-ARIA specification alone and recommends approaches to make widgets, navigation, and behaviors accessible using WAI-ARIA roles, states, and properties.