Table of reviews for SpecGL Last Call, 22 November 2004

Guide for reviewers

The goal of this document is to collect the list of reviews which have been done by QA WG participants using the Specification Guidelines Last Call version 22 November 2004. Toi do these reviews, You can use both the Text ICS or the HTML ICS. The QA Team on its own by doing QA in the field is helping on going work inside WGs to meet certain criterias of quality, then making a practical use of SpecGL.

How to read the table

In this table the last two columns gives the number of requirements and good practices which are not (yet) implemented. When the reviewed specification is still a work going that might becomes a target to help these WGs to achieve full requirements implementations. A full implementation report will be produced soon. There are 13 requirements. In the table the Not Applicable ones are not counted, only the "No".

The good practices are not mandatory. Then the last column is just here as an indicator and doesn't endanger Specification Guidelines, but it gives an interesting indicator of efforts that could be done to help Working Groups. It will be even more visible in the Implementation Report. Some Good Practices can only be checked by a Working Group and not by an external reviewers. Specification Guidelines is a tool to create better specification, not to make reviews.

Req. = Requirement, GP = Good Practice, (tbc) = to be confirmed

Review of specification against Specification Guidelines

SpecificationReviewerReview doneReq. (13)GP (25)
Ruby Annotation Lynne Rosenthal2004-12-09211
SVG 1.1 Lofton Henderson (Jan 1st)   
CC/PP Richard Kennedy (tbc)   
MathML 2.0Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (tbc)   
SMIL 2.0 Patrick Curran (tbc)   
CSS 2.1 [CSS 2.0] Tim Boland   
XML 1.0 Dimitris Dimitriadis (tbc)   
WCAG 1.0 Olivier Théreaux (tbc)   
XSLT 1.0 Dave Marston   
XIncludeMark Skall2004-12-09410
HTML 4.01Karl Dubost2004-12-1438
XHTML 1.0Karl Dubost   
xml:idKarl Dubost2004-12-092-
SVG 1.2 Last Call Karl Dubost2004-11-2213-
SISRCharles McCathie Neville

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