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W3C Chairs T-Shirt

A while ago Dan Connolly told us something along these lines: "W3C Chairs are doing very hard work. I would like a t-shirt to thank them." Daniel Glazman asked us often if we could have cool W3C gears. So the Communication Team started to think about what we could do, exploring ideas. TPAC seemed to be a good opportunity to materialize this. We designed a special t-shirt for the chairs.

Meet Zakim, RRSAgent and Trackbot, 3 home made bots which are essential to W3C Working Group life and are the chairs angels.

Chairs t-shirts

Filed by Karl Dubost on October 20, 2008 12:21 PM in Opinions and Editorial, W3C Life
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Dom # 2008-10-20

Finally a face to put on our bots! Nice work!

Art Barstow # 2008-10-21

Very well done Karl!

And thanks to the creators and maintainers of these wonderful bots (at least Ralph Swick, Dean Jackson, David Booth, and probably some others ...)

-Cheers, ArtB

Molly E. Holzschlag # 2008-10-21

Do they come in a lady's cut?

(had to ask, it's in my contract ;))

Karl Dubost Author Profile Page # 2008-10-22

Ladies were not part of these year's cuts.

Paul Downey # 2008-10-22

[11:28] zakim, why in real life, you're quite lovely :) [11:28] Zakim: I'm glad that smiley is there, pauld

Sarah # 2008-10-22

They never are... time to change that for next year... :)

Robin Berjon # 2008-10-22

The tee and the bots rock, thank you so much!

marcus # 2008-10-25

Very Nice. The red robot one looks like the robot i wanted to use for Webmaster Resource

Riordan Phillips # 2009-05-18

As a webdesigner/ interactive artist/art teacher I want to promote W3C ideals throughout the IT and Art department and was wondering if there were any t-shirts to buy such as mozilla firefox T's?

Ian Jacobs Author Profile Page # 2009-05-22

Hi Riordan,

We are likely to set up a shop to sell t's and so forth. Unfortunately, have not done so yet. I expect something this year (but it's only low priority right now). Thanks for asking, and stay tuned.

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