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Coralie Mercier :: W3C Communications Team

Contact information

<Office postal address> W3C / ERCIM - 2004, rte des Lucioles - F-06410 Biot Sophia Antipolis - FR

<telephone> +33 6 43 22 00 01

What I do at W3C

I work for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the "normalization" shop for the Web, based at MIT in the USA, ERCIM in Europe, Keio in Japan, and Beihang in China; I am based at the French Riviera site. I joined in January 1999 as administrative assistant. I became W3C Europe administration manager in December 2001. In February 2005, I became part of the W3C Communications team for 50% of my time. In August 2007, I became a full-time member of the W3C Communications team. I maintain a description of what I do.

Within the Communications team, I am in charge of the Advisory Board scribe duties and meeting planning, I track and update W3C press clippings, monitor the translations and I am the contact person for the authorized translations. Also I am involved in community development and as such, I oversee the W3C effort at Blogging and micro-blogging, and help with W3C Community Groups operations.

Who I am


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