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I hear you: get a blog

A few months ago I took the 2007 Web Design Survey from A List Apart. I see 33,000 other Web professionals did, too. It's very exciting to see such enthusiasm among the designers. Indeed, almost 80% of the people who replied said they were either frequently or very frequently excited by the field. I enjoyed feeling that buzz when I attended "An Event Apart" in Chicago in August 2007.

One thing I note with interest in the survey results is that figure 9.1 (Methods of staying current) shows "participation in mailing lists" at the bottom. More popular are blogs, personal contact, discussion boards, and attending seminars. The reason this strikes me is so much W3C work takes place on mailing lists, though I believe more and more staff and Working Groups are using blogs.

W3C has begun work to redesign many of the most visible pages on the site. I have been anticipating increased use of blogs as a means of connecting to Web Designers, and the survey results just sealed the deal. I look forward to saying more about the site redesign in the next few months in this forum.

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Joe Clark # 2007-10-23


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