QA F2F Meeting, March 1, 2002

The minutes for this meeting are available (@@placeholder for now).


The QA face-to-face meeting is being held at the venue of the W3C Technical Plenary week, at the Hotel Royal Casino - Cannes Mandelieu FRANCE. If you have any questions, please contact Karl Dubost or Daniel Dardailler.


Registration is required and is open to participants of the Quality Assurance Working Group, and participants of the Quality Assurance Interest Group and others interested in working on Quality Assurance for Web technologies. (Registration is now closed.)


The overall schedule is to start at 8:45am, and finish at 5pm.

Detailed schedule:

Suggested readings

The meeting will focus on the published versions and latest WG versions of:


Logistical information is found at the Web pages of the W3C Technical Plenary week.

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