REFEREE Demo Version 1.2

Welcome! This is the on-line demo page for REFEREE. If you do not know what REFEREE is, please check out REFEREE homepage first.

Before you go checking out my sample test cases below, you should read the instruction first. You will learn how to make your setting and interpret your output.

Please note that this REFEREE demo is run by a Jigsaw server (anansi.w3.org at port 8001), therefore if the server is down, the demo will not be able to work. I am trying hard to keep the server up, but please do send me email if my server goes down.

The language constructs in this demo are extracted from the draft specification REFEREE-1.4d. Since REFEREE spec is evolving at a faster speed than my programming rate, some language constructs may be different and some may not be implemented yet.

Enjoy! and tell me how you like it.

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Yang-Hua Chu
Last modified: Sat Apr 5 00:48:21 EST