W3C Community Convenes Over Open Web Platform and Future Work

03 November 2010 | Archive

Bridge in Lyon About 300 people from the W3C community convene today in Lyon, France for TPAC 2010 Plenary to discuss the current challenges in building an Open Web Platform as well as ideas for future work. The day's agenda includes discussion of current integration challenges, demos of HTML5, CSS3 and other pieces of the Open Web Platform, discussion about next generation technologies and the connection between TV and the Web. The procedings of TPAC 2010 are public and will be made available shortly after the meeting. W3C also invites local developers to a 4 November meetup in Lyon.

Global Adoption of W3C Standards Boosted by ISO/IEC Official Recognition

03 November 2010 | Archive

Today W3C, the International Standards Organization (ISO), and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) took steps that will encourage greater international adoption of W3C standards. W3C is now an "ISO/IEC JTC 1 PAS Submitter" (see the application), bringing "de jure" standards communities closer to the Internet ecosystem. As national bodies refer increasingly to W3C's widely deployed standards, users will benefit from an improved Web experience based on W3C's standards for an Open Web Platform. W3C expects to use this process (1) to help avoid global market fragmentation; (2) to improve deployment within government use of the specification; and (3) when there is evidence of stability/market acceptance of the specification. Web Services specifications will likely constitute the first package W3C will submit, by the end of 2010. For more information, see the W3C PAS Submission FAQ.

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