ISSUE-479: Marking tables as right-to-left in the media type

Marking tables as right-to-left in the media type

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Richard Ishida
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this issue was not raised by the i18n WG, but we are invited to contribute to it

by JeniT

An alternative approach is for the CSV to be parsed into a table model in which the columns are numbered in the reverse, for tables which are either marked as or detected to be right-to-left tables. For example, we could introduce a bidi=rtl or similar media type parameter, and use this to determine whether the first column in table generated from the CSV is the text before the first comma in each line or the text after the last comma in the line.
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Can somebody check how this is handled e.g. in Microsoft Excel and similar software? Is the A column on the right in the Arabic and Hebrew versions of such software? What happens if a CSV file from a left-to-right software version (e.g. English) is opened in a right-to-left version of the software, and vice versa? My guess would be that in general, table columns are in logical ordering, and are presented according to the preferences of the human viewer. In general, this would work with most data where the columns follow a clear logical order, e.g. years or months,... In that case, we wouldn't need any directionality information in the media type; indeed such information would be counterproductive.

Martin Dürst, 17 Jun 2015, 05:20:05

Request for comment removed. Propose we CLOSE this.

Richard Ishida, 16 Sep 2015, 12:25:42

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