ISSUE-441: Drop JIS X 212 from ISO-2022-JP

Drop JIS X 212 from ISO-2022-JP

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Richard Ishida
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This issue tracks the bug listed above and was created as part of the WG CR process.



EUC-JP in the encoding spec does not support JIS X 212 even though the formal
definition of EUC-JP does include it.

OTOH, ISO-2022-JP in the encoding spec does support JIS X 212 to my surprise.

Is there a reason to support JIS X 212 in ISO-2022-JP? It's not a part of the
original ISO-2022-JP (RFC 1468 : It's
added later in RFC 1554, but I don't think it's widely used.

Blink has never supported ISO-2022-JP-2 with JIS X 212. It only supports the
original ISO-2022-JP. Supporting JIS X 212 adds ~ 50kB to our build and I'd
rather avoid it.
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Bug marked RESOLVED and FIXED.

Richard Ishida, 30 Mar 2015, 13:51:56

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Richard Ishida, 16 Sep 2015, 11:56:16

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