ISSUE-405: clarify embedded image vs. character (editorial)

clarify embedded image vs. character (editorial)

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Addison Phillips
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Section 1 (Introduction)

There is this sentence:

Emoji may be represented internally by embedded images or as encoded characters, called emoji characters for clarity.

This doesn't actually clarify what "encoded characters" or "emoji characters" means here. Some illustration or further explanation is probably wanted. Also, "internally" is slightly misleading. Would it be better phrased as:

Emoji may be displayed as (sometimes quite colorful or even animated) graphics or they may be represented by normal glyphs encoded encoded in fonts like other characters. These latter are called emoji characters for clarity.
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Per telecon of 2015-01-22, removed pending

Addison Phillips, 24 Jan 2015, 17:48:47

Richard Ishida, 17 Mar 2016, 13:21:13

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