ISSUE-367: [survey needed] Perhaps support KOI8-RU instead of KOI-8

[survey needed] Perhaps support KOI8-RU instead of KOI-8

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Addison Phillips
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This issue created as part of the WG LC process from a bug filed before the WG LC.

This bug reads in part:

IE takes the labels koi8-u and koi8-ru to mean KOI8-RU and not KOI8-U. The difference is that KOI8-RU has an additional letter needed for Byelorussian,

AE: U+045E (ў) and
BE: U+040E (Ў),

where KOI8-U has line-drawing characters,

AE: U+255D (╝) and
BE: U+256C (╬).

Letters are arguably more important than box-drawing characters, so KOI8-RU might be a better choice than KOI-8-U, at least if it can be shown that koi8-(r)u is used for Byelorussian (i.e., that AE/BE are used to encode ў/Ў).
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Richard Ishida, 16 Sep 2015, 12:08:49

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