ISSUE-279: text-combine-horizontal & full/half-width characters ⓒ

text-combine-horizontal & full/half-width characters ⓒ

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Richard Ishida
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The digits <integer>? description says:
"Within the element, each maximal sequence of consecutive ASCII digits (U+0030–U+0039) ..."

But later we read:
"any full-width characters must first be converted to their non-full-width equivalents by reversing the algorithm defined for ‘text-transform: full-width’ in [CSS3TEXT]"

Which seems to imply that full-width characters are also affected by the digits value. If so, the range of codepoints should be extended.

And if so, what about the range of half-width digits? Are they also included? If so, they should probably also be converted to ASCII characters like full-width ones.

Or is this just another confusion caused by loose use of the term 'character', meaning here glyph?

[No, it's a valid issue. File it. I blame jdaggett for asking for contradictory things. ;) -- fantasai]
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Related notes:

My current understanding is that the digits value only works on ASCII digits.

The all value, however, works with any set of characters to which the style is applied, and any of those characters that have a non-full width equivalent should be converted to that as part of the rendering process.

This probably means that we can close this issue.

Richard Ishida, 17 Jun 2014, 16:47:26

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