ISSUE-140: Multilingual q nesting

Multilingual q nesting

Raised by:
Richard Ishida
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7.1. Inserting quotes with the 'content' property

I'm wondering whether we need a way to reset the embedding levels of quotes.

Here's the reason:

If you have the following CSS:

:lang(en) > * { quotes: '"' '"' "'" "'"; }
:lang(no) > * { quotes: "«" "»" '"' '"' }

And you have

<p lang=no>Some Norwegian text <q>more norwegian <q>more norwegian</q></q>.</p>

You'd expect to see

Some Norwegian text «more norwegian "more norwegian"».

which perfectly fine.

But if you had

<p lang=en>Some English text <q lang=no>Some norwegian <q>more

Then I think you'd see

Some English text "Some norwegian "more norwegian"".

I'd have thought that the quotes surrounding the text 'more norwegian' here
should be surrounded by «...». This could maybe be done by a rule that says
that if a q element carries a lang attribute, the next embedded q attribute
should use the highest level quote marks.

Or perhaps it needs some attribute to reset the levels?

In addition, maybe that would also give you more control over how the quotes
are used in other situations (such as to replicate the original text) -
although perhaps that's best achieved using special class names or just by
avoiding q altogether.
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