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This page keeps track of the different XML-related specifications the ITS Interest Group has reviewed or is reviewing, looking at ITS-specific issues. It also includes review made by the ITS Working Group.

W3C Specifications

Specification Due Date Tracking
EMMA Apr-30-2007 To review:

WG comments:


SPARQL Apr-18-2007 To review:

Initial comments:
No follow-up needed:


SAWSDL May-01-2007 To review:

No follow-up needed:


XForm 1.1 Apr-05-2007 To review:

Comments sent:


TMX 2.0 Jun-01-2007

WG comments:


The general list of the Last Call Working Drafts can be found here:

Other Specifications

Specification Due Date Tracking
SRX 2.0 May-26-2007


Atom   Initial discussion:


XLIFF 1.2 Jan-20-2007


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