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This page lists questions that people may have about Web internationalisation. This is an evergreen internal working document - ie. it contains text and ideas that are guarranteed not to be perfect, and it is subject to constant, ongoing change and modification. Its purpose is to help the GEO Task Force members discuss, plan, and develop the material that is made available on the I18N site.

Questions have been harvested from several sources, including: brainstorming, queries sent to GEO members, mail to the www-international@w3.org list, etc. Some questions have been borrowed from Yves Savourel's FAQ page.

Questions that have already been dealt with, partially or fully, somewhere on the I18N site have links beside them. In this respect, this document provides a useful tool for locating information about a given topic on the site.


Document structure & metadata

Display issues

Character sets, character encodings and entities


Language declarations

Bidirectional text

Vertical text

Text formatting






Locale specific data


Keyboard shortcuts

Writing source text


File management

Supplying data for localisation

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