Leading the Web to its Full Potential ...


Weaving the Foundation for the Next Generation of the Web

Overview of the World Wide Web Consortium

Dr. Philipp Hoschka, Deputy Director for Europe

World Wide Web Consortium

Introduction to the W3C

July 2004

Early History (1989 - 1996)

1989: WWW invented by Tim Berners-Lee

1994: W3C founded, MIT (Oct)

1994: 1st W3C meeting, Cambridge (Dec)

1995/6: INRIA/ Keio become Hosts

1996/7: 1st Recommendations

The Evolving Web

Web connects people, applications, devices __________





Any Device


Engineering the Foundation for the Web of Tomorrow

Block diagram of W3C technologies

Developing Web Standards at W3C

W3C Family

Organization of Technical Work

(org chart )

Cross-group and inter-organization coordination, and engineering of dependencies is major requirement and strength of the W3C and its Recommendations


The World Wide Web Consortium

(Prospectus / Flyer: US, A4)

W3C Member benefits

Workshop Participants and W3C

Join W3C !

Class Annual Fee
Affiliate MIT: USD 5,750.00
ERCIM: EUR 6,054.00
Keio: JPY 707,646.00
Full MIT: USD 57,500.00
ERCIM: EUR 60,540.00
Keio: JPY 7,076,460.00