Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

SVG is a widely-deployed royalty-free graphics format developed and maintained by the W3C SVG Working Group. This is a public group, which works on an open mailing list and which welcomes your feedback.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Upcoming Events

The Graphical Web 2015 will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on 23-26 September 2015, and organized by Slippery Rock University.

The Graphical Web (formerly SVG Open) will showcase SVG, as well as related technologies like Canvas, WebGL, CSS, Javascript, and HTML5 video and audio. The event will be of interest to a broad range of attendees, from graphics professionals right through to data journalists. As well as conference sessions and training workshops, the W3C SVG Work Group will be holding meetings as part of the conference.


CSS-SVG Effects Task Force Started

The CSS and SVG Working groups have started a joint task force to discuss and develop mutual features such as gradients, transforms, filters, and animation. The aim is to specify a coherent underlying model with alternative syntaxes and syntactic sugar, for ease of implementation and authoring. For more details, see the FX TF home page.

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