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Graphics Activity Statement

Graphics continue to play a critical role in everyday usage of the Web, from decorative graphics through advertising to diagrams and interactive graphical user interfaces. Graphical front-ends for live networked data, Web services, and visualizations of the Semantic Web are current growth areas as is the use of graphics in industrial control, automation, and embedded applications.

The W3C Graphics Activity has worked in this area for over ten years. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), the current effort of the Activity, brings the powerful combination of interactive, animated two-dimensional vector graphics and Extensible Markup Language (XML). WebCGM 2.0 is used mainly in industrial and defence technical documents. Earlier work was concerned with Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and with WebCGM 1.0.

Highlights Since the Previous Advisory Committee Meeting

A second edition of SVG 1.1, incorporating all known errata, has been published for Last Call and a disposition of comments is in preparation. An expanded test suite, which includes tests for all areas of the specification affected by the errata items, has been produced. Testing is underway, and the Working Group expects to request PR once testing is complete.

Several modules of SVG 2 are being readied for publication. Up-to-date information on current work items and upcoming meetings may be found on the SVG WG wiki.

The SVG Interest Group holds biweekly telephone conferences and is developing tutorial meterials and an SVG Community site.

The FX taskforce meets regularly to increase coordination between SVG and CSS Working Groups.

The WebCGM Working Group is now closed.

Upcoming Activity Highlights

A Proposed Recommendation of SVG 1.1, plus several SVG 2 modules, including Filters, Integration, Transformations and Vector Effects, are expected to be published early in 2011. The SVG Working Group continues to actively work with the CSS Working Group to ensure architectural consistency and interoperability in their work on CSS Transforms, Transitions and Animations. Likewise the SVG Working group is working closely with the HTML Working Group to ensure that SVG may be used inline in HTML5.

Summary of Activity Structure

GroupChairTeam ContactCharter
SVG Working Group
Erik Dahlström, Cameron McCormackDoug Schepers, Chris LilleyChartered until 31 March 2014

This Activity Statement was prepared for TPAC 2013 per section 5 of the W3C Process Document. Generated from group data.

Chris Lilley, Graphics Activity Lead

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