ACTION-87: Provide clarifying text on dynamic flow ISSUE-72

Provide clarifying text on dynamic flow ISSUE-72

Sean Hayes
Due on:
August 23, 2012
Created on:
August 16, 2012
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Aug 16 minutes:
sean: Proposal may not make sense anymore.
Review what makes sense for the 2nd edition.
mike: Separate smooth scrolling.
mike: Dynamic flow
sean: Not supported in TTML 1.0. We don't have scroll property any longer. Fixed mechanism exists - overflow.
Missing text will overflow or be clipped by the box.
Proposal suggests we re-add scroll property.
mike: Need to address what happens when you have a <br>.
sean: Some text will be clipped out. Allow animation using inline scroll (XSL-FO). To preclude lines missing from flow region.
mike: In 2nd edition, we need to clarify feature and consider for TTML 1.1.
sean: Clarifying paragraphs.

Monica Martin, 16 Aug 2012, 16:34:43


Sean Hayes, 23 May 2013, 12:58:16


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16 Aug 2012, 16:33:17

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Sean Hayes, 23 May 2013, 12:58:16

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