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Dominique Hazael‑Massieux



  • Created and directed by Tim Berners-Lee
  • Hosted by 4 institutions: MIT (US), ERCIM (France), Keio (Japan), Beihang (China)
  • Operated by a staff of ~80
  • With ~380 members (companies, universities, gov agencies)
  • Community of ~1500 contributors



WebRTC standards

Web Real-Time Communications

Mike / Camera access

  • getUserMedia
  • Candidate Recommendation very soon now
  • Pretty much done
  • Implementations haven't quite caught up yet

Audio output

  • Not quite done yet
  • Gaining more visibility and traction


  • Getting there
  • Likely next focus after getUserMedia

P2P Connection

  • main WebRTC API spec
  • has gone through lots of changes in the past year, with ORTC inspiration
  • but nearly done now
  • Implementations haven't caught up yet

P2P Data

  • Part of main spec
  • Very stable, widely implemented
  • Make it work in Worker?


  • Part of main spec
  • Limited implementation so far
  • Isolate media from the WebRTC App itself

Stream from DOM

  • Get stream from existing media or canvas
  • Getting there

Screen capture

  • Get stream from other tabs / windows / screens
  • Getting there
  • Security / Convenience trade-off hard to resolve

WebRTC Browser support scorecard


  • Further convergence (merge?) with ORTC in WebRTC NV
  • DataChannel in Service Worker?
  • 3D Camera


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