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Open Actions

There are 6 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-222 (edit) open Do german annotations for ssn, inc sosa, qb4st, time Armin Haller 2016-11-23
ACTION-352 (edit) open Implement ssn new in Armin Haller 2017-05-09
ACTION-367 (edit) open Simoncox mlefranc kjanowic danhlephuoc to create one example each that uses as many classes/properties as possible Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-368 (edit) open Update ssn-usage with links to working draft classes/properties and add new classes/properties where necessary Armin Haller 2017-06-06
ACTION-373 (edit) open Simoncox mlefranc danh to send emails to lists to collect implementation evidence, especially for actuation Armin Haller 2017-06-13
ACTION-378 (edit) open Send around meeting time proposals for next week Armin Haller 2017-06-20

Open Issues

There are 4 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-198 (edit)
RAISED Actuator and Sampler not in Figure 2/3 2017-05-17 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology 0
ISSUE-199 (edit)
RAISED Alignments to SSN-XG and DUL are not explanatory enough 2017-05-29 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology 0
ISSUE-204 (edit)
RAISED Reusing of FeaturesOfInterest 2017-05-31 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology 0
ISSUE-205 (edit)
RAISED Introduce example for how to use out of scope descriptions of sensors, actuators, samplers 2017-05-31 Semantic Sensor Network Ontology 0

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