SWD meets WoT

28 Oct 2015

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DarkoAnicic, Sebastian_Kaebisch, akeranen, armin, jcdufourd, oonishi, sebastian, taisuke, Debbie_Dahl


sebastian: thing description needs to deal with contrained devices e.g low bandwidth, low memory
... description needs to be minimal description of capability
... thing description needs to be on the device itself
... displays TD mdoel developed 3 months ago in california

<jcdufourd> scribe: kerry

sebastian: play around with this and do some implementations
... plugfest tomorrow in WoT meeting
... do we need more description?
... TD contains metadata ,three kinds of interaction (property, action, events)

<jcdufourd> before rrsagent was invited, kerry introduced spatial data on the web http://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Main_Page

sebastian: metadata is used to provide some generic information which may not be relevant at runtime e.g. for setting up communication
... property actions and events are used at run time

e.g. temperature value name, output data type, writeable true/.false

scribe: stability (e.g. each 5 mins)
... ACtions invoke actions which might take a while === actuation
... using json-ld for representing data
... show exampkle for a tradffic light
... includes list of protocols, ranked, encodings (e.g. json), turn green, turn red, actions
... how to bind thing description to a protocol?
... plufest show that thing description is easy to interact with, without implementation
... how to enrich with further context?
... how to show the meaning of more properties...
... have more semantics in next plugfest?
... e.g. location could go in metadata...
... very constrained to work on small devices
... some experience eith ssn that it is too big (30 triples for one property)...
... maybr just somje subsets...
... data is missing...

DarkoAnicic: need best practices for scale up from the minimal to more context

armin: do you have a memory limit for metadata? that could be used to say describe temp sensor?

DarkoAnicic: difficult -- that depends what derialisation comes back with

akeranen: 80 b or multiple thereof
... 10 KiB ram 100kb flash (internet class 1)

DarkoAnicic: we son't necessarily need to use ssn on the device --- just an additional layer
... so it does not have to be ssn on the device -- only the TD

Sebastian_Kaebisch: goal is to have as much as possible on the device but only what is really really required, including protocool and encoding
... just first working assumption
... exi and binary json-ld will ber important
... only a few bytes

DarkoAnicic: offer this extraction capability as an approach then
... examples of how this might be used
... ssn needs protocols and "wrtiable" and "encoding" etc

Sebastian_Kaebisch: may need a standard for encoding (discussion) using json-ld

deb: ask to finsd out protocol before you know what the protocol is?

Sebastian_Kaebisch: can use a uri to request it from (or another way) not yet resilved, but relying an a bootstrapping defualt
... eg always start with http to get started

akeranen: binary json is?

Sebastian_Kaebisch: exi will also be supporting json
... exi will provide support for schema... semantics have a lot of strings and exi does this well (seborg(?) does not)
... if you want a simple encoder complexity is same --- getting the data is the priority
... lets have a look ath this approach to extract from ssn

armin: we could also play with identifiers to reduce the space

DarkoAnicic: may need to redesign ssn and then build up

akeranen: discovery.... one standard mechanisim for doing discovery

DarkoAnicic: interest group needs tech landscape suvey to provide to WG
... plugfest attndance -- next plugfest meting in January

<akeranen> The standard mechanism: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6690#section-4

<akeranen> CoRE weblinks and .well-known/core

summary: keep in conact. SDW can accommodate wot requirements for ssn. Key requirement is minimal space simplicity

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