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01 Apr 2015


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Ann Basssetti


<trackbot> Date: 01 April 2015

Lynn, code 76244

Lloyd_Fassett: i change my contract and may need to give up on some IG responsibilities
... I still will contribute to Profiles work, especially about people's work


<lehawes> Congrats on the new contract, Lloyd! Bad news from us, but great for you. Hope you can stay involved with the IG at some level.

<Lynn> oops, my call dropped, i will join again

<AnnB> darn Lynn

<scribe> scribe: elf-pavlik

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Approval of Minutes of 4 March 2015 Telecons


AnnB, PROPOSED accept minutes from March 4th

RESOLVE: accepted minutes from March 4th

topics: Introducing Lynn Foster

Introducing Lynn Foster

<lehawes> I concur on accepting minutes from March 4 meeting

Lynn: in IT since 1980-sh mostly doing contract work and independent contracting
... i've don't a lot of modeling stuff, currently retired but working on Open Srouce software
... with my partner Bob Haugen developing Open Value Accounting software
... love modeling

<lehawes> Lynn: Sounds like you're a great fit for our group and initiative. Welcome!

<Lynn> Thanks!

AnnB, luck to have you joined us

scribe: we've been going for few months but now we actually get started
... we work in support for Social Working Group

Lynn: I never participated in W3C groups before

<lehawes> AnnB: Geek whisperer? ;>)

AnnB: WG has recommendation track to come up with standards for data model, api and federation

AdamB, hi o/

AnnB: Lynn any chance you will join us for next face2face? https://www.w3.org/wiki/Socialwg/2015-05-04

Lynn: very unlikely because of travel

<lehawes> Lynn: Where are you in WI? I grew up in Whitewater.

<Lynn> I'm near La Farge, SW Driftless area

AnnB: Jason from xAPI not on a call, but we'll wait with introtuction for when he joins our call

<lehawes> Lynn: Cool. Have heard of it, but never been there.

New Teleconference / Meeting time?

AnnB: rhiaro, very active in WG, asked if we could change telecon time

<AnnB> https://doodle.com/3iy3kwegq2pnmngd

AnnB: she created a pool to pick dates https://doodle.com/3iy3kwegq2pnmngd
... challange starts to find time convienient for Europe and west coast americas
... Lloyd_Fassett hopefully it will work for you on a west coast

elf-pavlik: maybe we can try to do it in 3 min right now?


Use Case TF

AnnB: looks like the most important thing we can do now
... WG has 90 User Stories and needs our help to clarify many of them


AnnB: we agreed that as IG we will start with stories staring with those which have Minor Objections
... and help clarifying those objections
... lehawes sent out email that everyone addopts a story and starts with helping to clarify objections

lehawes: exactly AnnB
... elf already started reaching out to people from one story
... I reached out to people with objections about group stories
... i will explaint this story as an example of what you said about wording issues


lehawes: Kevin objected that someone can delete the whole group
... I proposed adding certain new working clarify this feature

AnnB: I didn't have time this week to get to this

<scribe> ... new to github and excited about it

lehawes, don't worry so far just elf and I picked stories and started working on them


<Lynn> You can add labels to your issue in github

lehawes: one can just assign oneself to story you work on

<lehawes> Please do add yourself to github, choose a user story to work on, and create the issue. The actual work of resolving the issue by contacting objectors and conversing with them does NOT take that long!

<lehawes> It's something you can do in small chunks of free time. :>)

<AdamB> i have an account

AdamB, your handle?

<AdamB> aboyet@gmail.com

<AdamB> aboyet

<AdamB> try that

AdamB, https://github.com/aboyet

<AdamB> yep

AnnB: sorting out accounts etc. one but now we need to get going on those use cases

lehawes: yes, we just need to do it!

Vocabulary TF

AnnB: several different angles on this



<lehawes> elf-pavlik: I just accepted your github organization invitation and updated the "Groups" issue by assigning it to myself and labeling it as a "User Story". Thanks!

<AnnB> https://www.w3.org/wiki/Socialwg/Social_API/Sorting_user_stories#Entirely_Positive

AnnB: one of issues may relate to overwhelming number of stories - 90
... i put a table there and put emphasis on main action
... maybe we can add colum and add vocabulary term there

<lehawes> AnnB: did you get feedback on your table from anyone in the WG? They will be the main consumers.

<AnnB> no

<AnnB> I should ask again


<AnnB> lehawes: making sure we're referencing Activity Streams 2.0 terms

<AnnB> elf-pavlik: yes, that's what I'm referencing with as:<term> links

ISSUE: does friend == two way follow?

<trackbot> Created ISSUE-3 - Does friend == two way follow?. Please complete additional details at <http://www.w3.org/Social/InterestGroup/track/issues/3/edit>.

<AnnB> elf-pavlik: ... <explanation of how vocabulary works>

<AnnB> ... he extracted terms from User Story 2.2: person, note, follow, post (an action), edit <action>, delete <action>

<AnnB> EdK: asked the question about is "friend" really a 2-way follow?

Lloyd_Fassett: I miss Link Data perspective to it
... looks like we don't have vocabulary to talk about some interactions

AnnB: that reminds me a question I had for aspargous
... we find Demand but in english I would use Request
... Demand sounds very demanding

Lynn: I see it like in economic terms supply / demand

AnnB: if we have term called Request

Lynn: we could look for better term

<AnnB> Everyone:

<AnnB> 1. fill out doodle poll .. need better time

<lehawes> No new business from me. Just encourage everyone to pick a user story with minor objections and work to overcome those with the people who raised them.

<AnnB> 2. select user story that has minor objections ... help resolve

<AnnB> 3. help extract vocabulary from user stories

elf-pavlik: will send out email about two step process for extracting terms 1) extract (someone) 2) veryfing (someone else)

AnnB: thanks everybody, welcome once again Lynn
... let's get the work done this week

<lehawes> Thanks everyone! Have a good week.

<AnnB> trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

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