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Socialwg/Social API/User stories is already quite full and it is easier to organize links here rather then modify and move originals.

(Numbers such as "2.2" cross-reference to each user story's position in the original list)

See also:

Entirely Positive

All votes are +1.

Entirely Positive or Positive Neutral

All votes are +1 or +0s. These are likely to be all agreed upon but should review concerns

Minor Objections

These are user stories that were mostly positive with a few votes that were not positive only because of wording or that had conditional -1 votes based on reading, etc. These can likely be handled with just a few comments added to the user stories.

A Few Objections

These are user stories that were heavily positive with one or two -1 votes, or there were a significant number of 0 votes. With some revision I would expect these to be able to be agreed upon.

Multiple Objections

These User stories had a significant portion of votes that were negative or 0's