24 Mar 2015

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<dret> dret is Erik Wilde

<dret> LJWatson, it's 9681: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_Page#Upcoming_Meetings

<dret> good morning everybody!

<dret> i think i am supposed to present, so i cannot scribe at the same time.

<Johannes_Hund> understood. are there no volunteers?

<Johannes_Hund> sebastian will join the call and will scribe

<dret> i get some audio every 3min. am i missing the action?

<dret> not many people on the phone, but a few.

<Johannes_Hund> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Domain_experts

Johannes_Hund: any question about the agenda?

<dret> http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/92/slides/slides-92-iab-techplenary-2.pdf

dret gives a short overview about the RFC

<Johannes_Hund> first agenda point: Report from dret about the RFC

dret: RFC 7452 was published few weeks ago
... first section talks about smart object patterns how can they connected

<Johannes_Hund> Section 2 of RFC is about connectivity

<Johannes_Hund> Section 2.1: D2D

dret: section 2 describes the device 2 device connectivity
... also device 2 cloud pattern

<Johannes_Hund> section 2.2: device2cloud

dret: you have 2 APIs --> device 2 cloud and cloud to application
... section 2.3 describes device to gateway communication pattern

<Johannes_Hund> dret: patterns can be combined (e.g. device -> gateway -> cloud)

dret: section 2.4. describes Back-End Data Sharing Pattern
... in general, section 2 describes the different smart object communication patterns
... any questions about this patterns?
... section 3 addresses the reuse of internet protocols

<Johannes_Hund> dret: section 4 is about taking into account the exisiting internet/web

dret: section 4 talks about the deployed internet matters
... section 5 is about design for change

<dret> dropped again, but i'm done. i'll be back.

johannes: any comments or questions about the RFC 7452?

<dret> also: any ideas about next steps?

<Johannes_Hund> could this be a good example how to proceed with a proposal for WoT?

dave: would it be a good landscape study?

<dret> it's not really a landscape study, more an architectural overview and guidance. they have actually few pointers to concrete tech landscape standards.

<Johannes_Hund> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Bridging_the_gap_between_the_Web,_the_Web_of_Things_and_the_IoT

<dret> +1

dave: devide use cases and assign members to them or do it randomly?
... work on the use cases in detail duing the f2f

claus: write use cases in wiki or via mail?

dave: send a mail
... will send a registration form for the f2f

<dret> thanks everybody!

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