Independent User Interface Task Force Teleconference

21 Jan 2015

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<trackbot> Date: 21 January 2015

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<scribe> Meeting: IndieUI Working Group Teleconference

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Meeting Time Change

JS: Andy may be moving to South America, so that will make him being able to join our call
... He may be able to join this currrent call

JW: So Andy may then be able to contribute to the User Context spec

JS: Hopefully
... We will see if Rich is able to attend, otherwise we may need to end this call

JW: I need to look up the Schema.org documents
... The Editors report, have their been any commitss?

JS: I am unsure. Can anyone look

JW: Git will show you all the latest comits

JS: I should learn how to use Git, maybe we will discuss it this weekend

<janina> We're on the phone, Rich!

preview agenda with items from two minutes

JS: We think the only item we want to talk about today is your posed question

Rich's question posed

JS: Is there value in using IndieUI User context

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RS: This could open up a can of worms. How far do we want this to go. I think we should map this to digital math. There are some things that Bentiec is doing and I wantt o map that to what is happening in the browser

JW: Some screen readers will pass the Braille ? to the browser?

RS: Do we want to do that in 1.0?
... As dar as I cam concerned I havent seen any browser implement and User Context features
... And ePub reader is based on broswer technoogies

JS: If we have an ePub leader implenment our stuff than we can get to CR
... Another question of 1. or should we do this at all. Are we talking about - for extensibility - if someone wanted to use Latex - have we built that in?

JW: I am not sure that we have built and extensibility in
... If you think that Epub might be interestd in this it would be nice to see what their needs, use caes nd ewqirements are

JS: If we do put ePub in and we dont get any implementtaions - we could just pull it out in the next version
... Like the BRaille peice for implementation - there os probably not a large group who wan t that now

JW: But may be we do, it woul be good to hear from folks and if there is inteest we might do it

RS: For the ePUB I amy be able to talk to Kireshen\\er

JS: This coul be veery powerful in dynamic seraxh

RS: We ahve conponnets that could be very useful. ePub wanys smarted book

JRS: We could get some of that in ePub thy csan expose some of this stuff

JW: I have been looking at this inthe Braille psace quite a bit

JS: Latex

RS: The only thing I am unsude of is can we do Latex if W3C doesnt have Latex as a W3C stabdards

JS: We dont have to do it someone else can, But MathML is one we can de, and others can implement
... I think I am hearing that we do want to do that is, hw soon? Have fast might someone want to implements it

JW: We have browsers use cases - but not in these otther areas
... We shoudl broaden the convesaton especilaly if implementations are ikely to be in that direction

RS: We could talk to Google, ePub folks, MathML, Braille etc

JS: Back to Andy may be able to join us

RS: Jason are you working on any of the editing of this spec?

JW: No I have not dome any of the editing

RS: I caan do some of te editing for tthe Schema.org, but I have to many things going on.,
... The SVG group has aan uber-editor
... I just do not know waht Jamesavaiabluility is going to be
... They are just be ing pragmatic aout it

JS: I think we cn move User Context forward

RS: For the eVents - I thinkwe are going o have to work with WebApps - we just do not have th manpower for Events

JOanie: On the MathML 3 could you have a property for alternate representations? That might get you your Latex

<joanie> http://www.w3.org/TR/MathML3/chapter5.html#mixing.alternate.representations

RS: I am unsure what W3C allows

JS: That is a process question that I can get ananswer to from Judy

RS: Ther are 2 - Schema.org was put into a W3C document - so you eally have Latex. We need to find out if they are going to step on us

JS: Maybe not. HTML5 is donr.

RS: HTML is th least intetesting thing that the W3C is going to do noww
... You alsi hav a module extnion point
... HTML is domne and do not want to add other controls

JS: What canidiates are things that W3C can do beyond apps/applications

RS: I work for an IBM startgey. Apps and CSS is huge. Mobile devices dont deliver CSS in a good manner
... SVG is really going to come big on the web. And Web Speach API in both ,Chrome and Firfox. So that opens up really big responsibilities for the aging population and
... The desgn community is all about visyual
... We need to go with more modalities and broader range of users

JS: Web Speach is interesting

JW: I am verty interested in this for the WEb Speech API and possible uss fr the User Context

JS: HTML is no longer the interesting thin. Waht the heck is next

RS: Jason how would you like to help me with the editing on the User Context document?
... We will talk about that more. I am glad that Andy is moving to Argentina

JW: I was just agreeing that I would help Rich with editing of the User Context doc

RS: When Michael gets back we should get Jason and I access to the document - User Context.

JW: We can start putting editorial responsibilities on me

RSRS: I cand o some of it but bandwidth s killing me

RS: Jason did Mark talk about moving to ePub docss where you are?

JW: It is not ht eonly one

RS: It is cool that we hav ePub docss at IBM. We need an ePub cloud reader

iBooks has a good reader

JW: If I talk to Matk H. about SmartBooks there is a convergence of interest

RS: ePubI is very hot right
... I iwll be speaking at Harvard this year

JW: I will be on the SVG call

RS: I invited ePub to that

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Summary of Action Items

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