Position: W3C Webmaster

This one year visitor position is intended for current Computer Science students needing to fulfill internship requirements as part of their studies or recent graduates. It is open to US or EU citizens. European candidates can learn more about the VIE (Volontariat international en Entreprise) program criteria from the CIVI Web site. US candidates can apply directly.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is looking for a new staff member to assist with W3C's work as Webmaster. This is an opportunity for a unique individual to be part of the team responsible for the design of next generation World Wide Web Technologies and to lead a variety of industry and user groups toward the development of technologies that enhance the functionality of the Web.

You will be integrated with the Systems Team and will work closely with our Communications Team.

You will be located at the W3C MIT host site, in Boston, USA and will enjoy working within a multicultural Team.

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As the recognized leader for the technical development of the World Wide Web, we are seeking an individual with interest in Web technology, Open-Source software and enthusiasm for the mission and spirit of W3C.

Candidates should have:

This position is for 1 year starting as early as April 2013.

Screening of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To apply, please send a motivation letter and your resume or CV written in english in electronic form (HTML only) to webmaster-position@w3.org. Please also include links to Web based systems you have worked on especially if the source code is available. Additional links such as to online profiles welcome so we can learn more about interested applicants.

Denis Ah-Kang, Current Webmaster
Ted Guild, Head of Systems Team
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