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Ted came to W3C in January of 2000 from corporate IT world and previously held positions at a financial institution, a public utility, an Internet service provider and a marketing company.

Much of his time at W3C was leading the W3C Systems Team, exceptional group of individuals responsible for W3C's global server infrastructure. They develop and deploy software for W3C's services to the public and supporting standards development with member and public collaborators, run validators and various other services for the web development community, try to lead by example and participate in the open software and internet community.

For six years Ted was also the Champion for W3C Automotive and Transportation Activity creating Web standards for connected vehicles and future interoperability of broader transportation ecosystem.

He was based out of the MIT CSAIL office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He left W3C and MIT in April 2021.

You may find out more information about him and try to contact him from his personal site or LinkedIn.