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Current and Upcoming Events

An agenda is sent to public-webcrypto 24 hours in advance; minutes follow within a day or two.
  • Face-to-Face 30 October, 2014 TPAC, Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Nearby

    Web Cryptography W3C Standards and Notes

    Charter, Meeting Records, and History

    The Web Cryptography Working Group Charter shows what the W3C has asked this working group to do.

    Group Membership and Joining

    We encourage new members of the group to introduce themselves by email. The full Web Cryptography WG participants list is available to W3C members.

    If you want to join the group:

    Schedule of Deliverables

    The working group schedule is an estimate based originally on the schedule in the charter and on progress since then.

    Also of Interest

    These are documents produced outside the W3C Web Cryptography Working Group that may be of interest to people interested in Working Group. Please alert the Chair of the Working Group if you know of any material that you think merits inclusion.

    W3C Working Group Resources

    Virginie Galindo , Gemalto, Chair
    Harry Halpin, W3C, staff contact