ISSUE-102: Short names & titles of specifications

Short names & titles of specifications

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As per email from Karl (below for ease of finding again) there was discussion of changing names for specifications. In the end there is not enough interest / consensus on new names to support moving forward in the limited time left before asking to transition the FPWDs, with several people in favor of keeping the names as is. We may wish to revisit at our next f2f, or a bit before, so we are clear for the first Last Call document.

Email from Karl Dubost, 8 Nov 2011:

Currently the name of the Editor drafts for the specifications are

# Tracking Definitions specification

Title: Tracking Compliance and Scope Specification
shortname: tracking-compliance

Title: Tracking Concepts and Definitions Specification
shortname: tracking-definition

# Tracking HTTP headers specification

Title: Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
shortname: tracking-dnt

Title: Tracking Syntax specification
shortname: tracking-syntax

# Rationales

* The conformance (or compliance as currently mentioned in the
specifications) will happen in the two specifications. There
will be MUST, SHOULD, etc keywords in both. Both specification
will have conformance sections. One about syntax formalism,
the other about respecting the header.

* Conformance is usually the term used at W3C for compliance. It
has a precise meaning. I intend to make a review of both specs.

* `tracking-dnt` makes the short name dependent on the header
syntax. We might change our opinions about it in the future and
choose another keyword for a reason or another. I would encourage
to use the word syntax instead, because it is what we are
defining in that specification.
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