WAI HTML-A11y Bug Triage weekly meeting

20 Dec 2011

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Michael_Cooper, Léonie_Watson, Everett_Zufelt, Hans_Hillen
Joshue_O_Connor, Marco_Ranon
Léonie Watson


<LeonieW> agenda: this

Identify Scribe

<scribe> scribe: MichaelC

New bugs review

ez: nothing of note

a couple new drag and drop bugs from work with John Foliot on that topic

some were closed (properly), have added info to some others, and opened a couple

<provides details>

Actions review

lw: actions from last week's meeting, appear to have been done

hh: everett and I sent suggested high priority items

mc: had difficulty picking particular high priority bugs

were related to our big topics, no single representative bug

lw: got clarification from task force that bug triage sub-team can move things more

Needs more info bugs


mc: looks like some people have provided info, but new ones have entered this state


assign to Rich


assign to Cynthia (just needs a quick response to comment 7)

lw: do all these need clearing by 31 Dec?

mc: think the deadline is on Ian

but we have deadline to escalate 2 weeks later

if we haven't provided requested info, the request to escalate might be weaker

so we really should clear these

lw: so we need to get in touch with everyone with bugs assigned to them

Won't fix bugs


hh: also had difficulty picking highest priority


discussed in last week's TF call

think Gregory and Ian agree

mark as verified


seems to be covered by HTML-ISSUE-30

but unsure what to do with bugs that have been escalated to issues

doesn't seem appropriate to mark verified wontfix, but no other appropriate status

leaving them dangling open difficult to manage

lw: will ask chairs what to do with these


hh: similar to previous

mc: had difficulty with the list, there weren't bugs that I thought we would easily accept not fixing, nor ones that we should push fixing above all others

ez: also reviewed bugs, similar to above in that they were related to open issues



also couldn't pull out single highest priorities

lw: so looks like nothing much we can do with this list

right now

maybe we could assign a few to people?

mc: unsure of value of that

filer will have been notified of wontfix state

assigning would be just to get someone to push back on wontfix state

yet we are indecisive about how to pursue that

Fixed bugs


mc: propose these need review to see if fix ok

mark as verified if so, or reopened if not

lw: perhaps should get in touch with original filers

mc: can select "change columns" and add "reporter" to the set of selected columns to get quick access to filer

note some filed by "contributor@whatwg.org", can't find original reporter

so we should verify those ourselves

the remainder we should ask the reporters to verify

lw: deadline for us to reopen bugs?

mc: looks like 31 December is realistic deadline, after that editor has no responsibility

and from 14 January the formal process is focused on Tracker, not on Bugzilla


lots of background, difficult to verify

a) whether it's what it was supposed to be, b) whether we like what it was supposed to be


seems ok, mark as verified


seems ok, mark as verified


seems ok, mark as verified (not sure why this was a11ytf)


seems ok, mark as verified (not sure why this was a11ytf)


assign to Cynthia to review


seems ok, mark as verified


seems ok, mark as verified


remove a11ytf keyword, somebody else will need to triage

<scribe> chair: Léonie_Watson

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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