HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

21 Jul 2011


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Rich, JF, Mike, Michael_Cooper, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Janina_Sajka, Cynthia_Shelly, Marco_Ranon
Laura_Carlson, Joshue_O'Connor


<trackbot> Date: 21 July 2011

<MichaelC> once again zakim craps out for this call

I seem to be having audio problems and may need to restart my PC

<JF> http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Spec_Review

<scribe> scribe: MikeSmith

LC review status

richardschwerdtfe: there are some issues with the Editing section

… will be sending some comments on those

richardschwerdtfe: been talking with Janina and will be getting some other IBM people to review

MikeSmith: richardschwerdtfe, would be great if you could update the row for the Editing section in http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Spec_Review

<Joshue> For the record, I have finished my review assignments. I may have some bandwidth to look at some other aspects of the spec - if anyone wants some help please ping me.

JF: I need to look at document metadata

… and have signed up for a review for the Obsolete features

JF: btw, Chaals was not aware he had been given assignments

… and nobody has yet asked Chaals to review

… though he is willing to do the review

… so should e-mail him to let him know

janina: I may have missed him in the batch of mail I sent

JF: … or Chaals may have missed your message
... but he will get it processed if you (re)mail him

janina: got a message from Greg Lowny, he found that when he followed some links from the TR WD, it took him to the ED

MikeSmith: can't reproduce that

janina: about the other part of his question, will ask that on the HTML WG today

MikeSmith: any suggestions about what we could ask Joshue to look at

Cynthia: did we schedule a long call?

janina: not yet

MikeSmith: we should do that on this call today

Cynthia: could use some help with the ones that I been planning on getting Microsoft review for

MikeSmith: those are: Structure, Syntax, SVG, Scripting, MathML

Joshue, can you agree to reviewing the Scripting sections?

as well as any of those other ones?

<Joshue> No worries Mike

Joshue, thanks

Cynthia: What about Charles Pritchard?

<Joshue> I'll take scripting, may need some help with that as I'm not a big script monkey

JF: Charles is busy with canvas

<Marco_Ranon> It's Lynn Holdsworth for scriptin. She can't be on the call today.

MikeSmith: would be good to get some more eyes on that Scripting section

[discussing possible people]

janina: I will ask David Bolter and Chaals

scheduling long call for LC review

MichaelC: we only had 8 people respond

<LJW> 6

MichaelC: 11am Boston to 3pm Boston time on July 28

Subteam updates

richardschwerdtfe: for canvas subteam, news is that we have a patch for Webkit, some movement from Mozilla

… will write a change proposal, also start working on writing up refinement of previous spec

JF: for media subteam, we have some issues that are kind of dangling

… about hierarchical navigation

janina: we are waiting for implementations to play with on that

JF: another case is what to do when your descriptive audio is longer than the alloteed time

… how to control the timeline

… comes down to, we have to pause the video to get everything synched

… I think we are on the same page for that

JF: other outstanding issue is poster alt
... I have a formal objection on that
... Silvia believes aria-describedby is a solution for this
... I don't think we are going to see the browsers will come up with a mechanism that takes that non-visible content and make it visible
... this is related to other alternative-text stuff

janina: in that instance, we are also waiting for a proof of concept

… from the requirements side, we have made it clear that we need for the markup to be preserved

janina: so we are in a holding pattern on that

JF: we did have a bit of breakthrough in that Sylvia agrees that we need two textual descriptions

janina: for the text subteam, we met this week and we asked people to focus on LC review
... we met with Paul a week ago, and agreed that yes indeed the priority is bugs for August 3rd

… JF has writing up a detailed response for Jonas on longdesc

… trying to make a sort of standard, well-formed response to some questions that keep coming up

… for lack of better term, position papers

MikeSmith: bug triage subteam?

janina: I need to talk with LJW about that
... LJW, wanted to know if you would be wiling to be the facilitator for the bug-triage subteam

LJW: maybe we could talk more about it offline

janina: [gives a description of the duties involved]

MikeSmith: so next step is to have an offline discussion with LJW about it
... what about ARIA Mappings subteam

Cynthia: Steve has not been available at our regular time, is away on vacation

… we have also been working on the ARIA implementation guide

… has been sitting on the back burner for longer than I'd like, will get with Steve about it when he gets back

Scribe volunteers for next week's call

MikeSmith: we have Marco_Ranon, JF, Cynthia, MichaelC
... any other business?


Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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