HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

10 May 2010

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[Microsoft], Rich


<trackbot> Date: 10 May 2010



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canvas 2D Context API delivery schedule


Rich: I will be out on May 17 but we need to have all of our changes in to give me time to review them and integrate them for the 24th
... Does that seem like a reasonable time

Frank: I am glad we kept this very constrained
... This is a minimal amount of work
... I am going to go through the actual implementation with a fine tooth comb
... I will get back to you by Thursday
... who has provided feedback?

Rich: David Bolter provided high level feedback at the last meeting but has not gone through with a fine tooth comb
... I think the Windows solution is straight forward. Just don't know what can do for the Mac

Frank: Will post our implementation details for Windows (how we would do it) to the list and cc David Bolter
... I think we will get a lot of feedback on naming

Rich: agreed
... I don't care much what they call the method as long as it is well documented

Frank: I have no problem with the time line. I think we can do this with the time allowed.

<scribe> meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Canvas Accessibility meeting

Charles was not present so area map was not discussed

Summary of Action Items

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