WAI-AGE Task Force

24 March 2010



Andrew, Darren, Michael, Helle
Jack, Shadi, Suzette, Pierre, William


Training Examples


Andrew: Web managers are people involved in a higher capacity at managing the Website but not necessarily the day to day running of the Website

Michael: The right participants are targeted but not sure if Web Manager is a common term.

Darren: not sure what term to use other than Web Manager. Know's what the role is but can't think of a definitive title.

Andrew: Will ask EO at next meeting

<Andrew> maybe .... and anyone else involved in the web within the organisation

Michael: Content for this group is OK. Questions the use of "Older People" as it's the only user group mentioned here

Andrew: Used to relate and link back to the topics listed.

Michael: Maybe we should extend the topic title
... My understanding of topics is a short overview of content for this part but the terms look more like picking out some topics.
... Move the outline to the left and say that we will cover these topics

Andrew: At one stage we did have more coverage rather than a short title for the topic in that column.
... idea of swapping columns might be sensible. Instead of calling the column topics, call it background

Darren: agrees

Michael: in Outline column, move the third bullet to second place as it relates more to the overview.
... Focus more on people at the start and what it's like to use the Web in every day life.

Andrew: Move WAI Guidelines to second last?

Michael: move WCAG to last bullet

Darren: agrees with Michael's suggestion

Helle: agrees with Michael

<Andrew> day 1 - part 2 ...

Michael: generally fine. Second bullet is usually not very interesting, but depends on the target group.
... Need to add something about not making a separate version of the page
... specifically wrt Ajax and Scripting, e.g. with forms

Andrew: Might change "Discuss" to "Mention"

Michael: More a problem with Web applications that use AJAX and some times people provide a classic form for accessibility reasons.

<Andrew> ... rather than progressive enhancement

<Andrew> Day 1 - Part 3

Darren: Should add links to some material.

Andrew: Maybe add a paragraph saying that material should be used at presenters discretion. Was trying to write it from the perspective of what the audience might need to know about.

<Andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/quickref/

Michael: SOE -> SEO

<Andrew> ACTION: andrew to spell out or add acronym tags to SEO, BAD, CMS etc [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/03/24-waiage-minutes.html#action01]

Michael: Can we skip the nesting of lists and find some introduction for the second list

Andrew: Will move the nesting back. Short paragraph and then a bullet
... add links to "conduct a hands-on experiential session" so that presenters don't have to look it up

Michael: Might mention synchronised media e.g. video and audio.
... and mention caption, audio description, transcripts for content developers

Andrew: It is in the next session but we could mention it here

Michael: maybe write multimedia in brackets so people understand

Andrew: Day 2 & 3

Michael: Need some topic designing for accessibility e.g. where to put labels etc but not sure where to put it.

Andrew: Maybe change attendees to Designers and Developers.

Michael: usually designers are not in house but if you are contracting a designer you have to ensure that they design for accessibility

Andrew: Maybe we need a point that falls under the heading of accessible design e.g. colour, white space, linearisation

Michael: maybe break up the content into parts

Andrew: We could have a day 2 and day 3 table.
... WCAG use should be changed to WCAG 2

Michael: Expand the WAI-ARIA part
... also include PDF

Andrew: have a bi-line saying that additional sessions maybe required for other technologies such as PDF, Flash etc

Andrew: Should we keep the topics in brackets e.g. Movement (scrolling text, animations, flashing/flickering (seizures), etc)

Darren: Acts as a useful reminder so could stay

Michael: agrees.

Andrew: Have we missed any useful reminders

Michael: "meaningful sequence" should be a bullet by itself
... including ability to get to the important content easily/efficiently
... and semantic structure

Michael: Orientation in complex pages is also important in meaningful sequence. As long as we don't have landmark roles we need to guide people. (e.g. guiding people through with other means such as hidden headings)

michael: consider moving conformance bullet to Evaluation section

Andrew: Should we have a test at the end of training

Michael: Can use a kind of brainstorm to se if people have picked up what they should have learnt then discuss it in a group.
... Don't do exams and no written test. Just brainstorming and discussion.
... WAI-ARIA and scripting. Important that you also tell people about concepts such as progressive enhancement and guiding people through interactions

Andrew: Four other examples. Look through these and send in any comments.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: andrew to spell out or add acronym tags to SEO, BAD, CMS etc [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/03/24-waiage-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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