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08 Dec 2009

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Marco, Thomas, Giles, Hannes
Renato, Rigo



zakim this will be conf1

<scribe> Scribe: tlr

<scribe> Chair: Marco

ACAS Workshop

tlr: workshop achieved goals in connecting the projects
... among each other and to the XACML TC
... Rigo and Hal are working on the report
... due end of the year

giles: single origin policy?

tlr: public-web-security mailing list


giles: Pinsdorf/Schallaboeck/Short paper relevant?

tlr: SOA focused

IG extension

Marco: IG extended till end of February 2011
... looking forward to inject further perspective into PrimeLife, Encore, ...
... cloud computing and device APIs should also be interesting ...
... case studies or information about new areas
... ENISA has issued some relevant whitepapers -- risk assessment in cloud computing

giles: focus is on list of recommended controls for cloud provider

Media Annotations WG feedback?

marco: tlr?

tlr: nope

<Giles> http://www.enisa.europa.eu/act/rm/files/deliverables/cloud-computing-risk-assessment/at_download/fullReport

best practices for privacy awareness

marco: ?

<Giles> http://www.enisa.europa.eu/act/rm/files/deliverables/cloud-computing-information-assurance-framework/at_download/fullReport


marco: would be interested in discussion between encore and primelife
... first architecture in mid january

tlr: sounds like a good topic for a call with some more folks from both projects


<Giles> Forgot to mention our cloud computing security conference - CFP is out this week.

<Giles> http://www.cloudsecurityalliance.org/sc2010cfp.php


marco: Renato not here -- anybody else?

Social Web XG

tlr: meetings around TPAC worked out well
... don't see meeting scheduled for this week



giles: posted link above, secure cloud conference in March


tlr: what's that organization?

giles: it's the first organization that's talking loudly about the topic
... want to follow up to paper that we did
... CTO/CSO level focused
... two tracks -- legal and compliance
... and security issues, more technical
... ENISA is organizing jointly with ISACA and CSA
... expecting 200-250 attendees

<Giles> http://www.cloudsecurityalliance.org/sc2010cfp.php

next meeting

PROPOSED: 12 January

RESOLUTION: next meeting on 12 January 1300 UTC

Summary of Action Items

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