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Please fill in whether or not a speaker (which could be yourself!) can make a certain day OR whether a task force wishes to have a discussion on a certain day. Spring 2010 Meeting Schedule (active)

  • Jan 20th: Christine and Renato on Social Web Frameworks and Kaliya on ID Commons Lexicon
  • Jan 27th: Jeff Panzer (Google) on Salmon Protocol
  • Feb 3rd: Anita (Vodafone) on XMPP-based Social Web work
  • Feb 10th: Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar) and Doug Schepers (W3C) on Micropayments
  • Feb 17th: Dick Hardt on Future of OpenID and OAuth
  • Feb 24th: Final Report
  • March 3rd: Tim Berners-Lee on the Cloud and Distributed Social Networks
  • March 10th: W3C Widgets call re Wookie and OpenSocial (Marcos, Robin Berjon, Scott Wilson)
  • March 17th:
  • March 24th:
  • March 31st:
  • April 7th:
  • April 14th:
  • April 21st:
  • April 28th:

'Fall 2009 Meetings

  • June 17th: Talk about Context
  • June 24th: Tech Report - mapping social networkin landscape
  • July 1st: "The Privacy Jungle" – please see [1] for preparation; Invited Guest - Maybe Evan of Open Microblogging? Karl should check.
  • July 8th: Portability Taskforce - VCard review
  • July 15th: OSLO (Simon Tennant f/ Buddycloud - confirmed) and W3C Geolocation (tbc)
  • July 22nd: Sam Critchley of GyPSii to speak - slides GyPSiiSlides Also schedule to speak on topic of social network metrics Media:Social_networking_metrics_July_2009.pdf
  • July 29th: Begin Use-Case Document work
  • August 5th: VACATION
  • August 12th: VACATION
  • August 19th: Invited Guest - Nathan Eagle (MIT/Santa Fe) on Context.
  • August 26th: Use-Case document
  • September 2nd: Use-Case document
  • September 9th: Use-Case document
  • September 16th: Dave Raggett [2] will talk about the emerging Context and Privacy WG charter and the Primelife spec for prototocols and policy languages, which deals with negotiating data handling obligations as well as what credentials are needed for accessing a given web resource.
  • September 23rd: Invited Guest, Ros Lawler, Head of eCommerce, Random House Publishers
  • September 30th: Peter St. Andre of XMPP
  • October 7th: Evan Prodromou on OpenMicroblogging
  • October 14th: Matt Lee of GNU Social
  • October 21th: David Recordon of Facebook/Open Web Foundation
  • October 28th: Joseph Smarr of Plaxo of PortableContacts
  • November 4th: TPAC week - no telecon
  • November 11th: Elias Bizannes -
  • November 18th: - No invited speaker -
  • November 25th: Eran Hammer-Lahav (Yahoo) on XRD-S, WebFinger, LRDD, and host-meta
  • December 2nd: Chris Messina on Activity Streams (confirmed)
  • Unscheduled Telecons: OAuth and mobile, W3C Widgets and OpenSocial.