mobileOK Pythia plug-ins for authoring tools


Authoring tools such as Content Management Softwares (CMS) are often used to manage a Web site, from simple personal blogs to complex corporate Web sites. Most of these tools have been developed with a desktop background: they were not expected to be used to serve content to mobile devices. These tools need to be extended to be able to generate mobileOK content. The mobileOK Pythia plug-ins were developed for that purpose.

The plug-ins were designed in as generic a way as possible so that the code may be adapted to other authoring tools and extended as needed. They use AskPythia to identify and retrieve the properties of the requesting device and TransPythia to adapt the content returned by these tools for mobile consumption.


Please refer to the page specific to the authoring tool you're interested in for further details:

Contact: François Daoust <>